The Laboratory Challenge

The laboratory workflow is not static and changes continuously. The rapid developments in analytical equipment and higher sample throughputs do result in continuous changes of the sample tube racks. Quick adaptation or custom made design are difficult challenges for larger suppliers, who prefer to offer “one-fit-all” standard solutions. For laboratories a quick response to the changing laboratory environment is a must, as doctors and patients rely on the laboratory performance.

The Automation Gap

As they handle large quantities of routine samples daily, laboratories do have an enormous knowledge and understanding of their own workflow. They are much closer to every day practice than their automation supplier. The standard layout of their automation platform does not always meet their requirements. They were looking for opportunities and a flexible company with the expertise and knowledge to fill this automation gap.


How Venco can support you to fill the automation gap

Our strength is customization. We do understand laboratories and are fully aware of the fact that every laboratory and even workflows within the laboratories can be very different. This implies that every sample sorting layout will be different. Our primary focus is to optimize the workflow with specially designed products as standard products will not meet your workflow requirements. We also will ensure that all current and future analyzer racks on the market can be implemented in the automation systems. All our products can be integrated in your systems and are fully compatible with all analyser racks and sorting automation systems.

Development & Innovation

We engage with our customers to design the best possible solution as our customers do know their own workflow and requirements best. We combine the customer input with our own knowledge and experience from the many different projects we have completed to arrive at optimized and cost effective solutions that works best in your laboratory environment. We can add features that cannot be found in the OEM solutions, but which can greatly enhance your workflow. We have developed an easy “Click and Go” securing mechanism that keeps the racks, trays and containers in place. This is unique to the Venco solutions and cannot be found with any other supplier.  To reduce the risk of human error we have developed the “One Way Loading” concept.  In this way our user friendly solutions also contribute to better efficiency and quality.

Our strengths is customization and in this respect we can develop and implement any solution that you require. We start with a blank sheet, listen to your requirements and together with you we will develop any solution. The only limit is your and our imagination.

Inhouse development

All our products are developed in-house and are fully manufactured in The Netherlands. This allows us to maintain our high quality in product design, manufacturing and support as well as to guarantee short lead teams.


We are specialized in designing and manufacturing a complete product range that matches the specific workflow requirements of your laboratory.
We create innovative and special solutions that match your requirements and will go beyond the standard solutions offered by many other suppliers.

Cost Efficiency

We offer solutions at total costs that are equal or even below solutions offered by other suppliers. Costs for custom designed frames are equal to the cost of our standard frames, even if we have to design and manufacture only one single custom base frame.

Quick lead times

We are unmatched in our ability to deliver custom made products within a short time frame: from design to transportation within a month.

Together we create solutions that bring you to the next level of excellence in sample automation.

Product Quality & Quality Assurance

Quality is not limited to the design and approach in developing our products, but is also embedded in our manufacturing, where we apply rigid Quality Assurance procedures to deliver the highest standard products to our customers. All our products are individually tested and approved.

Our commitment to Quality

Dimensions at different critical positions are accurately measured and verified. As an internal control mechanism a full functional test is carried out by applying the two person rule. When all tests have passed and all quality aspects are verified the serial number will be attached to the base frame with a date and signature. The article number, serial number, quality control date and customer information are recorded into a quality database to ensure full traceability. In case of any specification deviations during quality control these and the corrective actions are also logged.

Use of superior and durable materials

Only durable high quality materials are applied in our products. These materials are selected on the basis of specific specifications to match the durability requirements for intensive use and are resistant to the chemicals they are exposed to.

Extensive testing

Each part and the total product assembly are rigorously tested. When all tests are passed the product will receive a  Quality Control approval plate that is also registered in our quality assurance system for traceability and future reference.

Own designed packaging

For most products we even design our own packaging to ensure that our products arrive undamaged and safely at your laboratory.

We are committed to grow with you by continuously providing innovation in world class workflow solutions.