Venco Customs in cooperation with Analis supplied a unique solution to the lab within the agreed 1 month timeframe.

Analis had to address a sharp increase in COVID-19 sample throughput for their customer. Within a very short timeframe they needed a solution for the Beckman Automate system to sort COVID-19 samples to Flowrobotic sample racks. The Beckman Automate baseframe for the racks had to meet following criteria:

  • The rack had to be capable for use in both input and output Beckman Automate baseframes.
  • For the input baseframe the racks had to be fixed so that the rack does not move when the robot picks the tube from the rack.
  • As the racks are used intensively the ease of manually placing the racks on the Beckman Automate baseframe is extremely important.
  • Development and supply of the racks had to be completed within a month.


The Belgian Beckman distributor Analis needed a custom solution for their customer to fit flowbot racks to their Beckman AutoMate system and improve the efficiency.


Developing a new Beckman Automate base frame to fit the Flowrobotic racks in a short time. This rack needs to be fixed on the Beckman baserame.


We needed to develop 3 different types of baseframes and also to add additional features such as easy loading and fixation that improved the turnaround time.

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