AutoMate Small baseframe for 2 x Venco Archive rack D17 Tubes

105D17 Tubes

Venco Archive rack VCTR1715

105D17 Tubes

Venco Archive rack VCTR1715




Art No. VCBS0410
Size Small


Beckman Automate Family
Venco Archive rack VCTR1715 D17 Tubes
Archive racks 14 different colors

Tube handling


Venco archive racks D17

for 105 x 17 mm tubes
available in 14 colors
barcode printed (optional) on rack
free choice in barcode number

choose your color(s)

This base frame is suitable for

  • Beckman Automate 1200
  • Beckman Automate 1250
  • Beckman Automate 2500
  • Beckman Automate 2550
  • Olympus OLA 1250
  • Olympus OLA 2500
  • Olympus OLA 2500 HS

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  • One-offs and small to large series
  • Fast delivery times
  • Venco designed packaging
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Made for durability

  • Use of selected superior materials
  • Quality control: individually tested and verified
  • Serial number for traceability
  • Extensive support and warranties
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Improving your workflow

  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Full compatibility
  • Customization possible
  • Maximum capacity rack and tubes
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