Custom made rack container

We can fit all tube analyzer rack and tray types on your sorting system by designing and manufacturing a custom made rack container. A custom designed rack container will make major improvements to your sample handling and throughput.

We custom design and manufacture your rack container in any way you require at the same price or less than the price of the standard rack containers. Even if you order a single rack container.

Number of analyzer racks per Venco rack container

Let us know the preferred number of analyser racks you would like to have fitted into a single container. We will make the perfect size container for your automation system and workflow.


You can let us know if you require grips on the container, how many grips you need and in what position the grips have to be fitted.


We can fit your container with rubber feet. These will provide more grip and prevent wear on surfaces.


Venco Customs has developed a unique system to fix the analyzer racks on the Venco rack container.

A stainless steel bar will keep the analyzer racks in place so that they remain fixed when the test tubes are removed by the robot gripper.
The stainless steel bar can be installed quickly and easily due to its unique locking system.

Short Turnaround time / custom made process

With our customized containers you can have the perfect layout for handling your analyzer racks in the laboratory and on your automated systems. Development and design generally takes one week and the production will take around 4 weeks.
After your approval of the final drawing we will provide you with a competitive offer.

Practical examples

Competitive pricing / also for a single unit

We offer solutions at total costs that are equal or even below solutions offered by other suppliers. Costs for custom designed analyzer rack containers are equal to the cost of our standard analyzer rack containers, even if we have to design and manufacture only one single custom analyzer rack container.

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8 steps from the initial request for a custom made product to final delivery within only 5 weeks !

Step 1

Request a custom made product

Step 2

Together we discuss the lay-out

Step 3

We design your lay-out

Step 4

We provide a final product design and drawing

Step 5

Agree on the drawing or request changes

Step 6

We provide a quotation

Step 7

You order the required number of products

Step 8

We manufacture and deliver the products

It is our challenge to improve your sample workflow!

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